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Women We Worship – Britney Spears

There is very little in life that hasn’t changed in the past 20 years, Our love for Britney Spears is one thing that has not. She was many a teenagers first love. We change. Life happens. Britney is no exception. We have to remove any memory of the crazed, bald, window-smashing Britney from our memory bank and just pretend those 2+ years just didn’t happen. In her late 20’s she decided she wasn’t going to dance much anymore, and we felt a little lost. But something has happened since she announced her Las Vegas residency a few years back. She decided to start getting back in shape, she seems happy to entertain again, and dammit, she started dancing. She looked incredible 20 years ago and she looks incredible now. She still has the best catalog of pop music ever created by a single human being. She never had the range of Christina or the straight pipes of Mariah, but she knew how to make fun, pop music. Gaze upon our first ever WWW, Miss Britney Spears.





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