Top 4 Teams in Baseball


Top 4 Teams in Baseball
1. Los Angeles Dodgers
They are the best team in baseball. With the 3rd best ERA from their rotation, the most dominant closer and the 3rd best offense, they are a wrecking ball of a team. On top of that, they are 31-4 in their last 35 games, a NL mark that hasn’t been done since 1935!!!!
2. Houston Astros
My 2016 World Series pick didn’t even make the playoffs last season, but this is the team I knew they were last season (they were my AL champion runner-ups this season). They need to acquire a top-line rotation arm (Sonny Gray or Gerritt Cole would do nicely) but this team is stacked otherwise.
3. Washington Nationals
With 3 of the top 15 pitchers by WAR in their rotation and an offense anchored with 3 of the top 10 position players by WAR, this team should be an absolute unstoppable beast. But, as has been their issue, they need a dominant closer. Madson and Doolittle help, but they need to get more bullpen arms ASAP. Maybe a call to the Reds for Iglesias. This is the Nationals’ year, it’s time to make a dramatic move to get the lockdown closer they need.
4. Boston Red Sox
That rotation could be the best in the league if Price is healthy again. The offense needs an impact bat to slot into the 4/5 slot. Preferably a 3B/1B type. Maybe, just maybe, the Reds would listen on Votto.

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